Quality Assurance

At ZXN, we believe in providing best quality products to our customers. To ensure the same, we have formulated stringent quality standards and maintain 3 level Quality Control mechanism.

Input Quality Checks

Each and every type of fabric used in manufacturing of our products is rigorously tested for:-

    1. Strength

    2. Thickness

    3. Durability

    4. Consistency

    5. Finishing

Only upon our satisfaction on all these parameters, the fabrics are used in our products which ensure that quality of our products remains high.

Process Quality Checks

Our zeal for quality does not stop at using only the best fabrics for manufacturing our products. During the course of manufacturing, quality checks are conducted at multiple intervals to ensure that products are free from any defects.

Output Quality Checks

When customer experience is the motto, quality becomes a habit.

After manufacturing process, each product not only undergoes visual checking (i.e. labels has been placed properly, no extra threads, no damages, finishing is good) but also checks to ensure that the packaging is intact before shipping a product are conducted.

This process has been established to ensure the product have gone through and passed all the manufacturing or test process and is in good quality.

Due to our Quality Control systems, we have more than 75% repeat customers on our portal.